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Death - Not an End, but a Beginning

Final days of my upcoming Tarot deck, Flights of Fantasy.

Card designs and descriptions will be updated weekly! Join our Kickstarter to learn more :)


Tarot Number: 13

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Death is perhaps the most misunderstood card in Tarot. It is often believed to portend a literal demise. However, Death's true meaning is one of rebirth and transformation.

The artwork depicts a red cardinal. Its name is rooted in the Latin "cardo", or hinge. The cardinal acts as a hinge on the doorway between the realm of the living and the dead. It is a brightly-feathered psychopomp, darting back and forth between dimensions with messages. Its perch is a wolf's skull, imprinted with the symbol of Hades, the dreaded underworld of Greek mythology. A pomegranate flower and a chrysanthemum fruit—symbols of passion and everlasting life—adorn the skull on either side. One phase of life has passed. Another is about to begin.

Let the cardinal guide you, as you take your first steps.

Upright: End of a cycle, metamorphosis, rebirth.

Reversed: Stasis, stubbornness, clinging to redundancy.

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