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Flights of Fantasy Tarot - The Fool

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The Fool

Tarot Number: 0 or 1

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

The wayfarer, the wanderer, the wildcard. In Tarot, the fool represents new beginnings and raw potential. The artwork depicts an enchantress perched atop a crescent moon. Her gaze is cast skywards, suggesting high hopes and a daydreamer's disposition. She has places to go—but pays no mind to her surroundings. Sprigs of raw delphinium. symbolizing innocence and the mettle to achieve one's goals, rise up around her. They are alit by cinnabar moths, nocturnal creatures linked with otherworldly knowledge and clairvoyance.

The enchantress is ready to embark on an adventure. She is full of verve and vigor, but also naïve, untroubled by adult concerns. She is a call to embrace one's childlike spontaneity. But she also serves as a cautionary tale against recklessness. Her hopes aim high—but her seat is precarious indeed!

Upright: A fresh start, renewed energy, childlike wonder.

Reversed: Shortsightedness, reckless action, no solid plan.

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