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Justice - Karmic Dividends


Tarot Number: 8

Zodiac Sign: Libra

The Justice card is tied to truth, balance and the universal tenets of cause-and-effect. It holds profound divinatory associations as a dispenser of truth and consequence. If you have acted in accordance with universal principles, then fortune is on your side. But if you have acted out of malice and inequity, then you will pay for these misdeeds.

The Justice card calls on you to make a pivotal choice, while weighing the pros and cons with an incisive mind. In the artwork, this is represented by Athens, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. She holds a bloodstained dagger in her left hand, and golden scales in her right. Her dress is smeared with blood, and her eyes full of shadows. Yet she holds firm, and is ready to defend the choices she has made. Her moral center and her higher mind are in perfect alignment.

Upright: Cause and effect, clarity, consequences.

Reversed: bias, unfair treatment, dishonesty.

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