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The Emperor - Large and In Charge

The Emperor

Tarot Number: 4

Zodiac Sign: Aries

The venerable Father archetype, the Emperor is the confluence of the four Kings in Tarot. A natural leader and a disciplined visionary, he leads by example, and acts in accordance with the greater good, neither shying from conflict, nor shunning advice from his counsel. This card denotes that you may be assuming a paternal role in your family (regardless of which gender you identify with). You could be the provider and lodestar, serving as a source of guidance. People look up to you for your wisdom and sheer unsinkability. There is a sense that you can weather the most violent storm, and emerge triumphant on the other side.

The artwork depicts Ares, the Greek god of war, and the mythological counterpart of Aphrodite. His armor is not composed of archaic steel, but a 19th century suit, signifying his adherence to authority and his air of self-seriousness. Behind him is a ram's head, representing his Zodiacal equivalent, Aries, and his Martian fighting spirit. He grips an ankh, the iconic Egyptian symbol of life, its red color indicative of his untamed power and passion. In the background, the London metropolis is shrouded with fog, but the Emperor stands tall. He will not lose his way.

Upright: Fatherhood, authority, stability

Reversed: Tyranny, abuse, domination

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