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The Wheel of Fortune - Smile once more; turn thy wheel!

Countdown for all 78 cards of my upcoming Tarot deck, Flights of Fantasy.

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The Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Number: 10

Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the cyclical nature of life. Good times wax and wane. Fortunes rise and fall. We are each governed by greater forces, at the mercy of an everlasting cosmic wheel. Kings and commoners alike are caught in its spokes. Indeed, this card is a reminder to savor your moments of triumph, as loss may inevitably follow. Similarly, if you are in a period of struggle, take heart. Happiness is not far behind. The wheel is in perpetual motion, and it will do more harm than good to escape it. Instead, surrender to the flow, and embrace change as the one true inevitability. In learning its rhythms, and teaching yourself to adapt, you will achieve true success.

The artwork depicts a priestess in a ceremonial headdress. Her hands are clasped in the Lotus Mudra, a hand seal symbolizing purification of the heart, and light shining from the darkness. A blue flame, its color linked to communication and truth, blossoms from her palms. Behind her is the Flower of Life, an iconic work of sacred geometry that consists of overlapping circles. It is considered the blueprint of the cosmos, from atoms to galaxies, and serves as a reminder that all living beings are interconnected, within the great cycle of creation.

Upright: Cycles, destiny, karma.

Reversed: Clinging to control, bad luck, breaking cycles.

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