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The World

The World

Card Number: 22

Zodiac Sign: Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio

The World is the card of blissful synergy. It represents the inner and outer worlds in perfect harmony, transforming two halves into a whole. In occultism, this is signified by the motto, "As above, so below," wherein the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. To receive this card is to have achieved a state of fulfillment, yet one that is in perpetual motion, a gift of spiritual and physical transcendence that never ceases its divine rhythm.

In the artwork, the Enchantress appears beneath a full moon. She bears a single red rose—a token of goodwill, and a fragrant lure to draw you in. Around her dance dozens of Monarch butterflies. These tiny creatures are the heralds of prophecy, and symbolize potent spiritual transformation—in this life, and the next.

The Enchantress offers you the red rose. Her eyes beckon gently. Are you ready to follow her to a higher realm?

Upright: Completion, harmony, inner-balance

Reversed: Lack of closure, emptiness, misalignment

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