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Flights of Fantasy Tarot - The Magician

The Magician

Tarot Number: 1

Zodiac Sign: Virgo/Gemini

The Magician card symbolizes the master manifester. As the embodiment of pure willpower, the Magician offers you both the material and energetic resources to bring your dreams to fruition. It is a good omen, urging you to take inspired action. As a prism that reflects both earthly and heavenly energies, the Magician promises a seamless flow outward, a rainbow of exhilarating potential. At the same time, the card warns you not to succumb to distractions. Never allow your energy to be scattered. Instead, focus on a single goal, and pursue it with total commitment. Like the blazing arrow of light from a prism, nothing can stand in your way.

The artwork depicts Morgan le Fay, the enchantress from Arthurian legend. Powerful and morally ambiguous, Morgan was alternately portrayed as the protectress or antagonist to King Arthur. Sometimes she offered him wise counsel, other times scheming to usurp his throne. Here, Morgan casts a piercing glance at the reader, as if interrupted mid-spell. She is clad in a red robe, symbolizing her worldly wisdom and dynamic spirit. Above her head is the infinity symbol, which speaks to her unlimited potential as a creatrix. On the table beside her lay three prominent icons: a cup (water), a candle (fire), a skull (earth). The mirror above the table is a literal reflection of the psyche (air), and is intended for scrying. Morrigan's onyx ring mirrors this symbolism, serving as the gateway to expanded consciousness.

Upright: Manifestation, willpower, creation

Reversed: Deceptions, illusions, inner chaos

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