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Judgement - Divine Dividends

Restarting the countdown to the Major and Minor Arcana of the Flights of Fantasy Tarot deck! To check out the previous cards, click here!


Tarot Number: 21

Zodiac Sign: None

The Judgement card urges you to rise up and embrace a higher calling, in alignment with your true self. Any choice you make could alter the course of your life, with momentous and far-reaching effects for everyone around you. You are encouraged to balance your intuition with your intellect, and arrive at the decision best for yourself, and those in your charge. If you lack clarity, fear not. The lessons from your past, and your hopes for the future, are slowly and seamlessly integrating into a cohesive whole, the true dimensions of your life story. In doing so, old wounds and traumas will heal themselves. You have found both absolution and acceptance, and can move forward with a lighter step, freed from the weight of the past.

The artwork depicts Hera, the wife of Zeus and Queen of Olympus. Portrayed as vengeful and volatile in Greek myths, Hera's more positive aspects, as the protectress of marriage, women and animals, are often forgotten. Her name is also thought to be connected with the word heros, or "hero." Indeed, Hera was the patroness of several renowned heroes, including the Achaeans, and Jason and the Argonauts. Here, Hera is seated at her throne, as light streams through a stained-glass window behind her. Her appearance is at once youthful and stern. Your fate hangs in the balance. She could either bestow boon, or bane... depending on how wisely you have chosen.

Upright: Rebirth, higher calling, reckoning

Reversed: Self-loathing, doubt, blinkered viewpoint

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