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The Chariot - Hurtling Toward Victory

The Chariot

Tarot Number: 7

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

The Chariot is the card of battles won. Through sheer strength and self-mastery, you have conquered your fears, and are advancing unstoppably towards your goals. You may be taken aback by your own assertiveness, but this card is a call to embrace it. At the same time, it cautions you to maintain balance. Your raw instincts must align with your intellect to ensure true success. Too much of either will transform you into a bully or a coward. The Chariot urges you to take control, while aligning the higher and lower halves of yourself, until you have achieved what you set out to.

The artwork depicts Circe, the powerful witch from Greek mythology, and a pivotal figure in the Odyssey. She dwells in a dark forest on the isolated island of Aeaea, where wild beasts prowl at her command. Here, Circe leads the charge, a flaming staff in hand. The forest-folk, the night-dwellers, the otherworlders, flock at her heels. Her flying robes are blood-red, to symbolize her vitality and strength.

Do not get in her way. She has places to go—and empires to overthrow—before the night is done.

Upright: Willpower, success, self-mastery.

Reversed: Indecision, lack of self-control, blind aggression.

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