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The Devil - Addiction Fills the Void

Restarting the countdown to the Major and Minor Arcana of the Flights of Fantasy Tarot deck! To check out the previous 13 cards, click here!

The Devil

Number: 15

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

The Devil is a card of emptiness and enslavement. You are careening down a path of self-destruction, ensnared by impulses beyond your control. Your vision is clouded, your willpower non-existent. Lust and addiction define your every act. Each night, you scry into the glass, and watch the shadow of temptation pass.

The artwork depicts Bloody Mary, an apparition who flickers in the mirror after her name is chanted three times. She may scald you, strangle you, scar you. Or, rarer still, she may bestow a single blessing, double-edged—granting you what you most desire, at the cost of what you already have. Behind her, ghostly hands reach out, branded with stigmata. They are her victims, their power stripped for a false promise. A skull looms above. It is framed by the alchemical symbol of Mercury—quicksilver—an element that shifts between liquid and solid states. Toxic to the taste, it is impossible to grasp to the bitter end.

Upright: Greed, superficiality, addiction

Reversed: Regaining control, freedom, willpower

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