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The Hanged Man - A Unique Perspective

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The Hanged Man

Tarot Number: 12

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

The Hanged Man represents the need to stay in suspension. Whether due to self-sacrifice, or calculated stasis, you are postponing your plans, and taking time to reflect. You may desire a fresh perspective on a familiar situation, or prefer to delay your actions for a more fortuitous time. Others may question the slow-down. But you understand that certain things cannot be rushed. This break is necessary, enabling you to find alignment within yourself, and to pursue what truly matters to you.

The artwork depicts a fairy bursting fully-fledged from her cocoon. Her wings are vibrantly red, signifying her vitality and spirit, and she holds a book, to represent her thirst for knowledge. The stretch of inactivity has allowed her to acquire greater insight. She is surrendering old models of belief, and re-emerging from her stasis with a unique outlook on life. Others may regard her position as precarious. But she is perfectly at ease, and enjoys a more profound connection to the Universe.

Upright: Sacrifice, stasis, fresh perspective.

Reversed: Squandered time, unnecessary sacrifice, indecision.

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