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The Hermit - Going Within

The Hermit

Tarot Number: 9

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

The Hermit is the card of the sage. Wise and reclusive, she has withdrawn from society to seek the esoteric knowledge within. She does not revel in her solitude, but understands that it will align her with her higher self. The card is one of self-reflection—and stasis, usually self-willed—in order to parse out one's next steps.

In the artwork, the sorceress cradles a skull beneath the crescent moon. Behind her glows the Vegvisir—the Nordic compass composed of eight runic staves. It serves as a wayfinder for voyagers on land and sea. Even if they are adrift and isolated, battered by the storms of fate, they will always find their way home. You may feel lost. But rest assured, it is temporary. The dark night is merely your unconscious. Let your intuition be your guide. Soon, you will find a home, within your truest self.

Upright: Contemplation, monasticism, inner-truth

Reversed: Isolation, loneliness, lack of direction

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