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The Moon - Secrets Unearthed

Restarting the countdown to the Major and Minor Arcana of the Flights of Fantasy Tarot deck! To check out the previous 13 cards, click here!

The Moon

Tarot Number: 19

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

The moon is the card of submerged fears. You may be in the grip of a terrifying memory from the past, projecting it onto your present. Or you may find yourself in a period of uncertainty, chasing a chimera of fulfillment, only to find it is little more than the figment of delusion. Take a step back, and breathe. Your intuition is your guiding light. Let it steer you through the maze of illusions, until you reach a higher state of understanding.

The artwork depicts Lilith, in a forest clearing. A notorious demoness, Lilith is mentioned in cuneiform texts of ancient Mesopotamia. In Jewish mythology, she is the first wife of Adam. When Adam demands her subservience, Lilith grows wings and flies off, abandoning him to cavort with the beasts. In modern reinterpretations, Lilith is the goddess of sovereign female sexuality. She wears a barbed crown, representing her link with the subconscious, and its shadowed edges. In her hand is an apple, a symbol of temptation that harkens back to the doctrine of Original Sin. However, Lilith does not shy away from her dark nature. She revels in it, allowing all facets of herself to shine, like the moon itself.

Upright: illusions, submerged thoughts, intuition

Reversed: fogginess, feeling lost, confusion

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