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The Star - A Glimmer of Hope

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The Star

Tarot Number: 18

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

The Star is a card of renewed hope and spirituality. It symbolizes a reprieve, after enduring a period of struggle and strife. Small wonder that it arrives after the Tower, when our world has been upended, leaving us anchorless and adrift. The Star promises the return of tranquility, which will allow you to regain your bearings and charter a new course. You have suffered tremendously in the past, but not allowed these experiences to embitter your soul. For this, you will be rewarded. Keep your hopes high, and your head steady. Blessings are on the way.

The artwork depicts a woman walking through a garden of blue periwinkles—the flowers of nostalgia and everlasting love. She has crossed a difficult juncture in her life, and her body-language is shy and hedging. The birds sing around her, and the cherry trees burst into bloom. Above, a star glows brightly. The vista promises that she is safe and loved. Soon, she will learn to dream again.

Upright: Renewed hope, rejuvenation, faith.

Reversed: Disillusionment, lack of belief, insecurity.

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