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The Sun - Radiant Joy

Restarting the countdown to the Major and Minor Arcana of the Flights of Fantasy Tarot deck! To check out the previous cards, click here!

The Sun

Tarot Number: 20

Zodiac Sign: Leo

The Sun is the trump card of the Tarot deck. It symbolizes the best things that life can offer: victory, abundance and renewed hope. It is likewise linked to the colors of vitality: yellow, red, gold. The artwork depicts Sita, the Hindu earth goddess, and the personification of fertility, happiness and well-being. Sita channels these energies through her body, via the Yoni mudra, cultivating her creative life force, and radiating it outward. Pale white orchids—the flowers of fertility—burst into bloom around her. Her intention is set, her desires manifested. Nothing will stand in her way.

Upright: success, positivity, happiness.

Reversed: grief, arrogance, negativity.

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