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The Tower - Structural Collapse

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The Tower

Card Number: 17

Zodiac Sign: Aries

The Tower card is often dreaded in a Tarot reading. It signifies an unexpected change: a cataclysm that shatters your foundations, or a paradigm shift that shakes you to the core. It could portend death, divorce, bankruptcy, natural disaster, or any other event that swings your life upside down. At first glance, the Tower is a devastating card to draw. But its connotations are one of radical upheaval, and momentous transformation. The Tower breaks down old foundations that were unstable and unreliable, replacing them with something far stronger. It strips away false self-beliefs, replacing them with conviction and clarity. It is that cold splash of water that rouses us from a fugue of self-delusion. We see more clearly now, and our selves are more aligned with reality.

The artwork depicts Kali, the Hindu goddess of time. While ferocious at first glance, Kali embodies the primordial womb, from which all things are birthed, and into which all must return. She is the universal destroyer, teaching her devotees to transcend both boundary and pretense. Through wielding her sacred flame, she burns away limitations, revealing that truth cannot be confined by the trappings of illusion. Just as the Tower breaks down social facades and unleashes desires one is taught to suppress, Kali serves as the liberator, unchaining us from a false sense of self.

Upright: Upheaval, catastrophe, revelation

Reversed: Crisis averted, fear of change, clinging to self-delusion

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